6218 - Chest Trainner (WNQ)

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Product name:F1-6218 Pectoral Training(Chest trainer)

                           : 6218 - Chest Trainner (WNQ)


Covers an area of space:762*1320*1980mm         

Gross weight:264KG         

Packing volume:3.044m3

Function: Pectoral Training

Weight Stack: 12 Pcs

Product Description:

1. Newest whole shield, beautiful and generous apperance.

2. Additional Electronic screen display time, frequency, heart rate parameter (Build-in POLAR receptor, without POLAR Emission chest belt), user can set exercise time frequency, coach do private course conveniently.

3. Accord with ergonomic newest cushion design.

4. Micro weight control system make operation more conveniently.

5. Anti-skid kettle design is appropriable.

6. Gas spring auxiliary adjust device, convenient and fexible.

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