Beko Vacuum Cleaner(BKS 1510) - 1600W

Beko BKS 1510
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  • Brand : Beko
  • Model: BKS 1510
  • 1600 W
  • Dust-bag full indicator
  • Auto- cord Reel
  • Reusable Testile Bag
  • 1 Years Warranty

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Technical Specifications
General Features
Product Type Dust-bagged
Dust Bag Indıcator Mechanical
Cable Rewinder Standard cable rewinder
Extension Tube Plastic 2 Pcs.
Nozzle Adjustment With button
Control System Power Variator On Body
Motor Power ( W ) 1600
Noise Level (dBA) 82
Water Filtration Feature Yes
Wet Suction Feature Yes
Body Color White
Parking Position Horizontal and Vertical
Carrying Position Horizontal and Vertical
Carpet/Hard Floor Nozzle Yes
Accessory Place/Division In Giftbox
Dust Brush Yes
Turbo brush Yes
Dust Bag Type Textile Dust Bag
Washable Dust Bag Yes
Air Outlet Filter Sponge Filter
Spare Bags/Filters in Gift-Box 1 pc. of paper bag
Certifications Available GS
Cable Length (WD) 5

Product Manual Information:


Before using the appliance, extract the power cable completely and plug into the mains. To rewind the cable,  unplug and press the cable wind button


To turn the vacuum cleaner  on, lightly press the ON/OFF button

Suction power regulationMove the power regulator to electronically regulate  suction power according to the type of surface  to be cleaned.The maximum power of the appliance  can therefore be exploited to vacuum dust from carpets or hard floors (marble, ceramics, cotto,  etc) and a lower suction power to clean curtains or other light fabrics.The hose  handgrip also incorporates a mechanical suction regulator. This enables suction power to be varied rapidly and practically by simply moving the slide.


Dust bag  full indicator

The dust bag full indicator warns when the dust bag needs changing  or the vacuum hose  is blocked.

 Replacing the dust  bag

To change the paper  dust bag, pull the bag compartment opening  lever and lift the cover. Remove the dust bag holder and throw away the old bag. Insert the new bag in place of the old one and put the dust bag holder back in the compartment.Close the cover with slight pressure. You should change the dust bag frequently when vacuuming up very fine dirt such  as flour, talcum powder,  etc.To avoid the appliance  giving off unpleasant smells, you should replace  the dust bag at least twice a year.

Note: The appliance  has a safety device which prevents the dust bag compartment cover being closed  when there is no dust bag in place.

 Motor protection filter

To extend  the working life of the appliance and protect  the motor, it is vital to keep the motor protection  filter clean.

To access the filter, open  the dust bag compartment, exract the dust bag and remove the filter holder.

If the filter is not excessively dirty, simply remove the dust.

If the filter is very dirty, wash by hand in cold or warm water.

Make sure the filter is dry before putting it back in the appliance.

When replacing the filter, make sure it is positioned  correctly.

 Important: Never wash the filter in the washing machine  or dry with a hairdryer. Air outlet filter

Remove the rear grill, take out the sponge filter and when visibly dirty, clean it. You should clean the filter at least every 5 dust bag changes.Important: Never use the appliance  without the filter.


The appliance is provided with a parking base at the bottom  to enable  it to be put away safely and tidily in the parking position. If you have to interrupt cleaning for a brief period, the appliance  has a convenient  hose  “parking” system. appliance.Insert the bracket  on the brush joint into the housing on thebottom  of the appliance. Insert the bracket  on the brush joint into the housing in the parking base at the rear of the

Important: Malfunction of the appliance (low power, unusual noise or complete breakdown)  could be caused by obstructed nozzles or hoses or faulty electrical components. Check the nozzles,  dust bag and motor protection  filter.If this does  not resolve the problem,  take the appliance  to an authorised service centre.

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