F1-2046 Lat Pull Down Machine (WNQ)

NPR 180,000.00
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Product Name: F1-2046 Lat Pull Down Machine (WNQ)


Assemble Space: 1805*785*2212 (mm)

Gross Weight: 24701 Kg

Package Space: 0.511 m3

Product Description:

Function: Lat Pull Down

Appearance Presentation: simple and brief, convenient for using, vogue and liberal, smooth line, delicate process.

Function Features:

i)Gas spring auxiliary device approves to adjust position automatically according to users figure, which makes exercise more convenient.

ii) Choose exercise weight by using the two weight stack bolts top and bottom.

Tranning Parts:

- Scapular levator muscle, latissimus dorsi, teres major, teres minor, serratus anterior, deltoid.

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