F1 - 5220 Seated Rowing (WNQ)

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F1 - 5220

Product name:F1-5220 Seated Rowing Machine

                            : F1 - 5220 Seated Rowing (WNQ)


Covers an area of space:1450*1200*1665(mm)         

Gross weight:222Kg         

Packing volume:2.075m³

Product Description:

Function: Rowing movement.


     1. AdoptÑ„76*3mmtop quality super thick tube, elegant and durable.

      2. Use high density sponge and good leather material.

      3. Choose high intensity navigating durable wire steel.

      4. Adopt the transparent glittery silver plastic powder coating which is elegant.

      5. Anti-friction chrome plate guide lever make exercise more smoothly.

      6. Spring adjustment set makes exercise more convenient.

      7. Many flexible joint-adjusting row arms are accordant with human engineering;

      8. Free rotate handle makes exercise comfortably.

      9. 12 pieces weights (20 pounds) and 2 pieces weights (7 pounds).

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