Sukam Shiny 900va Home UPS - Pure Sinewave

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Sukam 900va

Sukam Shiny Sine-Wave HUPS is based on a revolutionary new technology that will make you expect more from your power back up system. It not only offers non-stop protection for all your valuable appliances, it does it so silently, that you'll forget you have a HUPS. Being a Sine Wave UPS, it offers non stop protection for your appliances and more efficiency enabling reduced power consumption. And there's more. It is a silent HUPS with an automatic overload sensor and fuzzy logic that is designed to put your comfort first. The modern looks of course, is a bonus. All this and more. Just to ensure that you live life without a pause. Principle : Su-Kam HUPS are highly innovative two in one products which eliminate the need to have separate power backup systems for home equipment & computers.

  •  Pure Sine Wave output- runs all your appliances 
  •  Multifunction Graphical LED display. efficiently and noiselessly. 
  •  Power Switch active indication.
  •   Smart SMPS based fast battery charger to save 40% 
  •  5 LEDs display following states - operation mode, electricity bills from that incurred by a normal HUPS. state of charge, fault message. 
  •  Intelligent thermal management system. 
  •  Solar Compatibility. Operation 
  •  Manual static by-pass switch. 
  •  Single operation master switch. 
  •  Automatic cooling fan operation. Electronic Protection updates 
  •  Automatic circuit breaker recovery. 
  •  Battery reversal pole protection. 
  •  Battery deep discharge & overcharge protection. 
  •  High surge load handling capability. 
  •  Inbuilt wrong wire connection protection. 
  •  Smart overload and short circuit protection with 8 times auto retry. 
  •  Reverse current flow protection. 
  • 12 Volts Single Battery required. Range 100 to 180AH. 
  • 2 years warranty

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