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Buy Vacuum Cleaner Online in Nepal at Deal Ayo

A vacuum cleaner is a need of every household in the modern era. You will find all types of Vacuum cleaners at the best price in Nepal at Deal Ayo. We have all types of vacuum cleaners like dry vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, and all other types. The vacuum cleaners available at Deal Ayo are from reputed and trustworthy brands. Some of these brands are Beko, Baltra, LG, Philips, Samsung, etc.

A vacuum cleaner is an electronic home appliance that is used to clean dust and specks of dirt. It cleans with the help of the suction force created due to the pressure difference. The motor inside the vacuum cleaner creates the pressure difference which causes the atmosphere to be forced into the vacuum cleaner. While the air goes in, it sucks up the dust particle as well with the help of the rotating brush at the entrance. The particles that get inside are filtered and kept in some dust collecting chamber.

The vacuum cleaner has been continuously evolving since its invention in the early 1900s. They have been an integral part of modern housekeeping. Vacuum cleaners have made life easier for both males and females.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Buying a brand-new vacuum cleaner is not quite the same as buying a grocery item in the mall. You find it attractive so, you put it in your basket. Vacuum cleaners come in various colors, shapes, sizes, functionality, and prices. So, it is important to know about the types of vacuum cleaners that exist in the market and their functionalities.

1. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners are operated by holding the entire body in your hand. Due to the easy handling, they are perfect for getting those hard-to-reach areas that need cleaning. Most commonly, these models are used for cleaning cars and those dark and unreachable corners.

Key features
  • Small, portable, and lightweight, suitable for on-the-go cleaning.
  • Flexible in design. Some of them have cords and some are cordless. Some have rotating brushes others don’t.
  • Good for cleaning those hard-to-get areas.
  • Good for cleaning spills and crumbs, getting rid of furs of pets.
  • Cheaper than other models.
  • Portable and less space-consuming

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum cleaners are the medium between the Upright Model and the Stick Model. In power, they are comparable to the upright models and they have slender frames like the stick cleaners. They have the most advanced technology and multi-functional design, making them an expensive option.

  • The long wand is attached to a cylinder-like device by a retractable suction hose.
  • Various cleaning options like hard floors, carpeted surfaces, wooden floors, tiles, cars, stairs, ceilings, upholstery furniture, and curtains.
  • Comparatively costlier than other models.
  • Bulkier than other models for larger storage purposes.

3. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

They are the most popular models and sought-after models of vacuum cleaners. If you see a random advertisement showing a vacuum cleaner, it could be the upright model. They provide the most powerful clean-up for houses. Such models have easy-to-understand functions and accessories.

  • Most common, most popular, and earliest model of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy to understand ergonomic design.
  • Motor-driven brush and clears up dirt through suction.
  • It has different settings for bare and carpeted floors.
  • Provides attachment and height adjustment to reach the corners.
  • Heavy to push and pull.

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

They are the least powerful models of vacuum cleaners that are capable of doing a tremendous job on hardwood floors, area rugs, and lightly carpeted areas. Such vacuum cleaners have a long stick-like handle and a slender construction. Due to their slimness, they are perfect for every household and tuck neatly into any corner after the job is done due to their slimness.

  • Lightweight and slender model used for quick cleaning.
  • Basic design and shape like a broom which makes it easy to store.
  • Ideal for cleaning bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Separate setting for cleaning carpeted and bare floors.
  • Can be converted into handheld vacuums.
  • Possess dirt cups instead of bags.
  • Less powerful and not suitable for deep cleaning.

5. Robot / Autonomous Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that they require very less effort on your end. They roam freely around your room and suck all the dust particles that come in his way. They can reach places that no other vacuum cleaners can reach like under the sofa or bed.

  • Automatic and powered by the sensors.
  • Settings and instructions are chosen through remote control.
  • Useful for cleaning corners, tiles, carpets, and wood surfaces.
  • Compact and less noisy.
  • Cordless in nature.
  • Needed to be charged time and again.
  • Expensive than any other model.

Features of vacuum cleaner

Suction Power

While we get caught up in the power and wattage of our vacuum cleaner, the most important feature is suction power. Wattage tells a lot about the electricity consumption which is important for us but we must look for the one with better suction power. The suction power of any vacuum cleaner depends on the pressure difference between the outer environment and the inner part of the vacuum cleaner. Different units are used to represent the suction power in different types of vacuum cleaners. For instance, Pascal (Pa) is used to represent the suction power of the robot vacuum cleaners.

With the vacuum cleaner with lower suction power, you won’t be able to pick the dust from the carpet or the soft fabric surfaces. However, you will be able to pick the dust from the hard surface.


Pricing is the most important factor when buying a brand-new vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter how good or exclusive a particular model of vacuum cleaner is, it must fit into your budget. If your budget is flexible, you can pick the best one. In the market of robot vacuum cleaners, Chinese robotic cleaners are preferred due to their lower price and higher efficiency. If the lower price is your primary concern, you should wait for the occasion of a sale like Black Friday.


While picking the brand, you should always look for the brand with good customer reviews and better manufacturing processes. There is a large number of vacuum cleaner brands with no good customer reviews being offered at huge discounts. If you are seeking a reliable product you must stick with brands like Shark, Dyson, Neato, iRobot, Xiaomi, iLife, and others.

Filtration System

All the dirt and debris sucked in the vacuum cleaner stays in the dust container inside the vacuum cleaner. A good filtration system is required to trap the microscopic dust particles and allergens. Without the filtration system, the dust particles would be trapped from one end and get out of the exhaust port. One of the best filtration systems available for vacuum cleaners is HEPA. HEPA filters out 99.97% of all airborne particles that measure 0.3 microns or more. Therefore, you must buy a vacuum cleaner with a very good filtration system.


Usually, you will get a 1-year warranty period on the vacuum cleaner. However, there is a trusted company which offers more than one year warranty. The longer period of warranty shows how much the company trusts its product. However, you should not be enticed to buy the product with a longer warranty period for a higher price.


In case you are buying the stick or cordless model, weight is a very important factor. Vacuum cleaners like the upright model have wheels to make it easy to move them around the place. As the cordless model is operated by carrying in the hand, it must be lightweight to avoid strain on the hand. As for the robotic vacuum cleaners, weight does not matter as they operate on their own.

Bin Capacity

Bin capacity determines the volume of dust particles that can be held in the vacuum cleaner without intervention. The size of the bin capacity you need depends on the size of the place you need to clean. If you have a pet in your home, buying a vacuum cleaner with a larger bin capacity is highly recommended. In the case of a robot vacuum cleaner, bin capacity is really important. As the robot vacuum cleaner is automatic, you must buy the one with a larger bin capacity to avoid the intervention in the middle of cleaning.

Although the bin capacity, suction power, and filtration system all matter, the most important factor to consider while buying the vacuum cleaner is your unique home requirement. You must access your need, based on your house, and then buy the one that fits your requirement.

How does the Vacuum Cleaner works?

The vacuum cleaner was first invented in the early 1900s. It was a gigantic machine weighing more than 100 pounds. With time, technology evolved and size of machines decreased and efficiency increased. However, the basic working principle behind the vacuum cleaner remains the same. The main parts of a vacuum cleaner are

  • Suction Motor
  • Brush
  • Dust collector
  • Exhaust Filter

All these four parts combine to make the functional and working Vacuum Cleaner. When all these four parts are combined together, the cleaning process is quite simple. First of all, the dust and dirt particles are collected in the dust collector through the brush with the help of the suction motor. Exhaust filters prevent the dust particles from escaping the vacuum cleaner and collect them in the dust collector.

When we turn on the suction motor, the fan rotates at a speed of up to 35000 rpm. This high speed creates a huge suction force at the brush due to the pressure difference between the environment and the internal of the vacuum cleaner. All the particles that get inside the vacuum cleaner are trapped by the exhaust filter and trapped in the Dust collector. This all leads to a clean and healthy home.


1. Do you need a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner?

In case you have allergies, asthma, COPD, or any other respiratory conditions, having a vacuum cleaner with the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system is highly recommended. The HEPA filtration system can trap 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns.

2. What is a Sealed System?

Some of the high-end vacuum cleaners not only have the HEPA system but also a sealed system. The sealed system assures that no air escapes from the machine once it passes through it. Due to the sealed system engineering, vacuum cleaners can clean up to 99.9% of the air inside the house.

3. Are vacuum cleaners with dirtbags good for allergy sufferers?

Yes, vacuum cleaners with dust bags are always better. However, not all dust bags are created equally, some of them may have large pores which allow the allergens to escape the bag. Therefore, you must buy a dust bag with smaller pores.

4. Does the suction power depend on the power of the motor?

Not necessarily, the suction power depends on the power of the motor. The performance of the vacuum cleaner depends on the overall design, the filtration, and the airflow. The suction power depends on the airflow which is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute). The higher the CFM, the higher will be the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

5. How often do I need to change the bag in my vacuum cleaner?

There are a few factors that determine the frequency of changing the bag in your vacuum cleaner. They are:

  • Intensity of use
  • Nature of floors cleaning
  • Presence of pets
  • Capacity of bag

Normally, a box of bags will last a year but again, there are various factors that determine the frequency. Most vacuum cleaners have indicators that will indicate whether the bag is full of debris and needs to be replaced.

6. How often do I need to vacuum my Home?

We recommend you clean at least twice a week if you suffer from an allergy. However, it can be your personal choice. You may need to clean more frequently in case you have larger mobility of people and see the dirt gathering around the living areas.

7. How many passes of a vacuum cleaner does it take to clean a carpet?

It may take up to seven or eight passes to clean the heavily soiled carpeted areas. However, it depends on the frequency of cleaning. If you clean your place regularly, you might just need a few passes to clean the surfaces.

8. How long does a vacuum cleaner run on a single battery charge?

It depends on 3 major factors:

  • Size of the place you are cleaning
  • Type of battery used
  • Wattage of battery

Usually, a single charge of battery lasts you for a day but if you are cleaning a very large place the time duration may decrease significantly. Also, the lithium battery is better and stores enough charges to last you for over a day.