F1-2037 Assisted Chin Dip Trainner (WNQ)

NPR 185,000.00
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Product Name: F1-2037 Assisted Chin Dip Trainner (WNQ)

Assemble Space: 1400*990*2180 (mm)
Gross Weight: 262.76 Kg
Package Weight: 1.364m3

Product Description:
Function:Chin Up
Apperance Presentation: simple and brief, convenient for using, vogue and liberal, smooth line, delicate process.
Function Features:
i) The chusion is designed according to human engineering, users feel more comfortable when             using.

ii) Three-in-one assembly trainer to save space.

iii) When users do the chin up exercises, they can chose differently position to hold the handrail to           feel more easeful.

iv) XL sice parallel bars make exercises more comfortable.

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