Kent Supreme RO+UV+UF+TDS controller Water Purifier - 9 Litres

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Kent Supreme

The RO purification process is essential to remove dissolved impurities like arsenic, fluorides, heavy metals, etc. as they are harmful for health. Conventional RO purification technology, while purifying, rejects a very high percentage of water (around 80%) and only 20% purified water is recovered. Balance water is wasted and goes down the drain. KENT has developed an innovative and patented technology which offers no water wastage in RO purifiers. The heart of this technology is a computer controlled process wherein the membrane is washed automatically and more than 50% of water intake is recovered as purified water. The balance rejected water is stored in a separate ‘Reject Water Tank’, which can be utilized by consumers for household purposes. The net result is no water wastage.

KENT Supreme

World's first no water wastage RO purifier with KENT's patented Mineral ROTM Technology and an inbuilt TDS controller. Best suited for Indian homes and offices and suitable for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply.

Save Water Technology

In conventional ROTM Technology, only 20% of water is recovered as purified water and about 80% is rejected which is often wasted. KENT's Save Water Technology employs a computer-controlled process that recovers more than 50% water as purified water. The rejected water is stored in a separate tank that can be utilised for mopping and washing, resulting in no water wastage.

Mineral ROTM Technology

KENT Supreme is tested and certified for its performance and quality by renowned laboratories of the world such as CE, WQA, ISI, NSF and is ROHS Compliant.

Double Purification

The double purification of RO + UV / UF removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, making the water 100% pure.

9+9 Litre Dual Storage Tank

KENT Supreme has 9 litres of purified water storage capacity and a separate tank of another 9 litres to store the rejected water which can be used for gardening, mopping, washing utensils, etc.

World's Top Quality Certifications

This RO purifier is tested and certified for its performance and quality by world's renowned laboratories, such as the WQA (USA & India), NSF (USA) and ISI (India). These achievements guarantee that KENT not only gives the most purified water but is also trusted by millions.

More Information
Filter Type Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF and Post Carbon
Technology RO + UV +UF + TDS
Filtration Capacity 15 L/hr
Auto Shut Off Yes
Auto Start Yes
Overflow Protection Yes
Storage Tank Material ABS Food Grade Plastic
Indicators Yes
Memberance Type Thin Film Composite RO
Alarms Yes
Other Body Features Inbuilt Auto-Flushing System
Brand Kent
Model Kent Supreme
Total Capacity 9 Litres
Electrical Type Electrical
Purifying Features Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon
Power Requirements 100 - 300 V~ AC / 50 Hz, 800mA
Power Consumptions 60 W
Product Dimensions 430 x 270 x 630 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 10.9 kg
Installation Type Wall Mount
Maximum Input Water Temperature 35 degree C
Purification Capacity 6000 L
In the box Main Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual
Warranty Type Four Free Mandatory service will be Provided
Warranty Period 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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