Benefits of Vitreous China :

Roca glazing technology

Glazing formula, imported from Spain, to enhance the physical performance of glazing on porcelain.


Back-to-wall WCs to facilitate cleaning & to avoid dirt build up.

Compact basin

Washbasins with reduced measurements for small spaces & bathrooms.

Compact toilets & special-height toilets

WC with reduced measurements for limited spaces or small bathrooms & helping people with reduced mobiity.

Sewage emission & cleaning

The average sewage emission distance of Roca toilets is over 15 meters. In other words, it provides through cleaning with zero blockage.

Dual-flush cisterns

Special water-saving button to choose between 6/3 Ltr, 4.5/3 Ltr, &4/2 Ltr flushing volume of water.

For children

Especially adapted to children's measurements making it easier to use for them.

WC with flat bottom

The permanently flooded flat bottom of this WC offers a quick & hygienic method to verify the health status of kids.

Reduced mobility

Adapted products to assist people with disabilities & reduced mobility.


A new high quality ceramic material which is lighter, harder & more defined than conventional material. It is also easier to clean & more consistent.


Smooth inner walls without rim ensure greater hygiene & ease of cleaning.


New extremely malleable material, exclusive by Roca .

Benefits of seat & cover:


An exclusive resin which make products more resistant to chemical agents & to yellowing.

Roca UF seat & cover advantage

By using quality urea formaldehyde resin, Roca presents a cover with a longer life span than its plastic counterparts. The gloss & color of the seat & cover is maintained, even after a prolonged use.

Easy clean

The WC seat & cover can be easily removed to clean the Vitreous China surface & then put back into place .

Soft-close system

The WC lid with soft-close system avoids shocks & breakages.


Multiclean is an ideal solution for improving hygiene & comfort in the bathroom space. A removable seat is provided with a control device to activate the different functions.

Benefits of Smart Toilets:

Cleaning function

With adjustable water temperature.

Drying function

Adjustable temperature air flow.

Seat &Cover

Soft-close system seat & cover and heatable seat.

Maximum Hygiene

Nozzle automatically extends while using this function & self-cleans it .

Remote control

Totally intutive remote control for greater comfort & well-being .

Self open

A new technology which, upon detecting a user approaching the product, smoothly & silently begins to raise the cover.

Oscilliating cleaning

A specific function that enlarges the cleaning zone thanks to the back-and-forth movement of the nozzle.


Automatic or manual playing of music using SD card to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom space.

Energy Saving

This function sets the standby move when the wellness toilet is not in use, in order to save energy.

Courtesy light

Provides a warmer, more intimate & pleasant ambience.

Pulsating cleaning

A specific function for cleaning by means of intermittent splashes of water.

Benefits of furniture & accessories:

Right opening

Right opening door.

Left opening

Left opening door.

Push to open

Gently pressing the centre of the drawer or door facilities the opening & closing process.


Thanks to this slow-closing system, drawers will close softly & slowly, for extended product durability.

Soft-close (doors)

Thanks to this slow closing system, doors will close softly & slowly, for extended product durability.


Thanks to this system, the door can be opened either to the right or to the left with just one turn.

Furniture unit that can be installed with legs

The unit comes with a set of optional legs specially designed to install the unit on thin walls,so thst it can be better secured.

Reduced depth unit

Products with reduced depth are ideal for making the most of small area.

Height-adjustable shelves

Adjustable internal shelves adaptable at different heights to avoid any space limitations.

Space saving syphon for compact units

It allows to maximise the available space for storage.

Demister foil

The mirror incorporates a demister foil as a standard element: avoids the mirror steaming up, reduces the need for cleaning & protects against corrosion.


The product includes lighting as a standard.

With LED Technology

The LED technology guarantees minimum electricity consumption, & thus, offers great energy savings..

Low consumption

Lighting with low energy consumption.

Vandal proof

Products with a vandal-proof installation system to avoid theft.

People with reduced mobility

A product specially designed for people with reduced mobility.

Dual fastening

The product can be installed with adhesive assembly or with screws.

Assembly kit included

It includes all the necessary materials for adhesive assembly or assembly using screws.

High resistance

Resistance to a static load of up to 5 kg through adhesive fixation..

Long-lasting shiny chrome

Guarantees a long-lasting easy-to-clean chrome plating.

Complete range

Meets all the accessory requirements for any bathroom space.

Built-in socket

Power outlet.

Bluetooth® speakersgy

Seamless connectivity and ceaseless entertainment

Benefits of faucets, fittings & showers :

Cascade Flow

This supreme technology creates a stress relieving bathing experience.


SofTurn® cartridge technology gives the user precise control over water fl ow & temperature. The development of this technology has been possible as we are one of the few manufacturers who design, develop & manufacture our own cartridges.


An innovative concept in water control, Joystick technology presents a style which is distinct from the more traditional single lever, but which gives the same performance as SofTurn® technology.


Taps with progressive technology always start the fl ow with cold water & as you continually turn the control the fl ow changes to a mix of hot & cold meaning water systems are only activated when hot water is required thereby saving energy.

ECO disc cartridge

This Roca-exclusive technology helps to save water & energy. As the tap handle is raised, a slight resistance is reached at 50% of the water flow; lifting beyond this bite point produces a full flow. The cartridge has a temperature limiter which can be set at installation to eliminate the risk of scalding. The temperature limiter can be altered after installation.


Roca’s innovative EverShine® chrome plating system, involving electrolytic coating, produces a hard-wearing finish on all taps & showers. It helps to maintain the shine & makes for easy cleaning.


Development in materials has allowed Roca to develop SafeTouch® technology which prevents the chrome plating on thermostatic fittings from overheating. This eliminates the risk of scalding & is particularly beneficial in environments used by the young, the elderly & the less mobile.

Security 38º®

A safety device (red button) that stops the control knob being turned beyond 38°C.

Quick Reaction®

Quick Reaction® technology ensures that Roca thermostatic fittings reach the required flow & temperature in less than 3 seconds. Both then remain constant, irrespective of variations in water pressure.

Pop-up waste

Basin waste channel

Swivel start

Convenient Left & right turns according to your need.


Advanced PVD process, includes range of finishes.

Cold Start

n Cold Start faucets the front opening is exclusively reserved for cold water, thus avoiding an unnecessary waste of energy.


This system prevents limescale build-up. The technology helps maintain the bathroom’s perfect conditions.

Benefits of concealed cistern :

Easy installation

Easy bracket assembly & reliable fixation.

Water saving

Adjustable flush 6/3 ltrs & 4.5/3 ltrs..

Feather touch push plates

Slight operation force. The flush wall still works even if the button is not pushed to the end.

Quality & trust

Warranty 10 years on tank & 2 years on flushing mechanism.

Compression resistence

With its unique quality of compression resistance, it can bear extreme temperature conditions, making the tank very durable.

Noiseless operation

Noiseless operation for a more peaceful bathroom experience.

Ultra slim tank

80 mm slim concealed cistern with thermacol protection.

Stable perfomance

Slendra flush volume will be stable in different toilets.

Leak proof body

Superior build tank quality.

Dual inle

Top inlet & side inlet options.

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